Associations & Clubs

Breed Registries

Breed Registries It costs $1,000 to join a registry and $250 to register each horse. Registering a horse rewards it stars based on BV. Stars Breed registries allow you to register your horse if they are the correct breed. By registering your horse in a breed registry, your horse will be given a star rating […]

Crossbreed Campaigns

Crossbreed Campaigns Crossbreed campaigns can be created by a club in order to create a recognized crossbreed in-game. These club owned crossbreeds can be made up of any % of breeds and named by the club. The crossbreed campaign has a few steps:   Launch Phase: You submit a breed name and breed percentages for […]


Clubs Clubs are created by using a Club Key which can be bought at the General Store. When creating a club, you may pick a club name and add a description. Club Features include: Personal club logo. Add a banner to display in the directory. Custom banner that displays on the club page. A long […]