June Blog: Crossbreeding & Campaigns

June Blog: Crossbreeding & Campaigns In February of 2021, we launched Crossbreed Campaigns which gives players the ability to create any crossbreed they want. Through doing so many new breed campaigns have begun and several are well on their way to having 100% completion. We hope by the end of 2021 we will have our […]

Game Economies: Why too Much is a Bad Thing

Our economy reboot has been needed for a long time due to our game economy suffering from years of various currency bugs. The first signs of needing a complete overhaul was when players started commenting on how moving forward in the game was difficult if you had little currency or boring if you had too […]

April 2021 How It’s Made: Tack

How It’s Made: Tack One of our larger art projects has been adding tack into the game. Back when we first began re-coding Eqcetera, we had lots of feedback about adding in things to equip the horses like tack, backgrounds, companions etc.. We decided to begin phasing in equipable items back in 2020 when we […]

March 2021

Hello and welcome to the very first Eqcetera Blog post. We are excited about the opportunities creating a blog will open for Eqcetera and plan to have monthly releases of blog posts that explore game development, your questions about Eqcetera, and explore all things equine! Before we jump into the Eqcetera blog we think it’s […]