Estate & Boarding

Estate Expansions

Land Expansions Land expansions determine how much you can add to your estate. Each item purchased to be placed on your estate takes up acreage Land Expansions expand your acreageto hold more estate expansions. Unsubscribed players can buy up to the Medium Estate size (150 acres), Upgraded Bronze and Gold can upgrade to the Equestrian […]

Icons, Tabs, & Tags

Icons Stable pages sometimes have icons beside horses. These icons each mean something pertaining to the horse.   Needing Care In Auction For Public Sale On Breeding Cooldown   For Private Sale Stud/Brood Private   Stud/Brood Public   Tabs Tabs are used to help manage your stable. If you have multiple breeding projects or just […]

Boarding Center

Boarding Centers Upgraded players can offer boarding to others after purchasing boarding stalls via Estate > Boarding > Manage. Stalls cost $100. This amount increases by $50 per 5 stalls bought after 5. At 250 stalls an ingot charge will be added at a flat rate of 50 ingots and EXP for 5 stalls. Benefits […]

Care & Boarding Horses

To view a video tutorial on how to board and care for your horses, click here! Care Horses must be cared for in order to breed, train, and show. Horse care is made up of feed (20% – 60%) for 3 EQD, water (30%) for 1 EQD, and groom (10%) for 6 EQD. Feed and […]