Rare Breeds

Rare Breeds There are a few rare breeds in-game that are limited in the foundation store and breeding abilities. These breeds are: Akhal-Teke (17th of month) Marwari (5th of month) Once a month, these breeds have a specific foundation store day in which they may be purchased for 10,000 EQD each. Foundation store days for […]


Careers Each career has an ideal personality associated with it. This ideal is unknown and takes some trial and error to discover. Careers use a calculation that includes: skills, performance stats, and personality. Skills and personality are weighted the most in this calculation with performance stats given the least weight and act as a bonus. […]


Personalities Personalities are revealed through foal training and are used in careers. Each horse has 4 personality traits: Gregariousness Predictability Reactivity Sensitivity Within each of these traits there are 3 labels that give you your horse’s specific personality.  For example: Gregariousness has the sub-traits of Loner, Sociable, and Clingy. Each horse will have 1 of […]

Grade Horses

Grade Horses & Breeding in Colors Crossbreeds become Grade [Purebreed] when their DNA reaches 95% percent of a purebreed. Grade horses are labeled as “Grade” before the breed name, Ex. Grade Clydesdale. With grade horses, you may breed certain colors into breeds but grade horses cannot be registered with a breed registry nor will they […]

Straws & Eggs

Eggs Eggs retrieved from mares will keep a fertility % based on quality of retrieval. Fertility % can also be viewed as the breeding success rate. Eggs are only used to create embryos. The resulting embryo fertility % is the average of the used egg and straw. Please see “Embryos & Breeding” information below for […]

Studs and Broods

Overview In Eqcetera, all horses that are fully fed and groomed are able to be put up for stud or brood. Studs and broods can be put up for public use meaning, you do not have to accept the breeding. Private studs and broods can also be used if you wish to be able to […]

Breeding Preferences

Breeding Preferences All players enjoy breeding based on their goals. However, there are a few breeding practices that will produce horses that perform and sell better.   Training Boosts (TB) One breeding aspect is to breed for high training boosts. This is covered more under the article “Training”. Horses with higher levels will produce foals […]

Breed Standard (BS)

Introduction Breed standards (BS) are different for each breed in game and determine how close to the breed standard your horse is. This is because, in real life, every breed has a different standard for registration. The American Quarter horse and Arabian are two breeds with different standards based on what characteristics are desired for […]

Breeding: Pure and Crossbreeds

Breeding: Pure and Crossbreeds There are many types of breeding goals in Eqcetera but, knowing if you will make a pure breed, recognized crossbreed or generic crossbreed is important. Pure Breeding Pure breeding is when you breed the in-game purebreds to make purebred horses. For example, an Arabian x Arabian will produce a purebred Arabian […]


About Breeding Breeding is one of the main focuses of players in Eqcetera. Through breeding you can improve a breed, create beautiful coat colors, and discover or create your own crossbreeds. If bred correctly, some horses are worth quite a bit based on their coat color, performance stats, or breed standards! Before you jump into […]