History: The Akhal-Teke is known as one of the most beautiful breeds in the world. They sport an ionic metallic coat in various colors. The breed is also known for being lean and athletic which helps them excel in many disciplines. Body Type: Light Stats: Endurance, Agility, Speed Crosses: None Game Colors: Bays, Chestnuts, Black, […]


History: The Percheron is a large draft breed from Le Perche that is known for its size and strength. The breed was historically needed to pull heavy loads for long hours and was typically sporting a grey coat color. The Percheron came to the United States after a need for a large breed to help […]


History: The Knabstrupper is a breed from Denmark well known for its flashy coats. Historically, the breed was used as a war mount but were easily spotted during war. The breed was successful until inbreeding began causing their population to decline. After allowing outcrossing to bring in new blood, the breed now has stable numbers […]

New Breed Additions

New Breeds New breeds are added to the game frequently and include breeds from all over the world. New breeds are released on Saturdays and are available via custom coins. The Thursday after at 6:00 PM EST/game time the breed releases into the foundation store for gold and platinum subscribers. The Saturday after at 12:00 […]

Tennessee Walking Horse

History: The Tennessee Walking Horse is known for its unique and agile gaits; the flat walk, running walk, and canter.  The breed originated in central Tennessee as a utility horse and comes in an array of colors one of which is leopard! Today, Tennessee Walking Horses are used for many disciplines, pleasure, and performance.  Body […]

Welsh A-D

Welsh A – D History Welsh Ponies & Cobs are all one breed but registered in different sections, A through D. The breed began as wild ponies in Wales and eventually began to serve humans for farm work and pleasure riding. The sections each excel in many disciplines are known as a breed for the […]

Norwegian Fjord

History The Norwegian Fjord horse is one of the oldest known domesticated breeds in the world believed to have been domesticated 4,000 years ago. As recently as 2,000 years ago, Vikings may have selectively bred Norwegian Fjord horses. The vast majority of the breed is brown dun in color with all Fjords having dun markings. […]

Irish Draught

  History Due to limited land size, most Irish farmers could only keep one farm horse at a time. Thus, a versatile breed that was able to be used for draft work and leisure riding was needed. Breeding selection occurred to create the breed that was suitable for farm work but also hunting and pulling […]


History The Marwari is a breed known for its inward pointed ears, a unique characteristic seen in very few horse breeds. The breed is native to India in the Marwar region and is often included in local folklore. The breed was used as a war mont and was know for its excellent hearing and quickly […]


History The Thoroughbred can be traced back to three founding stallions, Darley Arabian, Godolphin Arabian, and the Byerly Turk. The offspring from these foundation stallions were selectively bred to produce a horse that could sustain speed over a long distance. These horses helped improve the sport of horse racing and today, Thoroughbreds are selectively bred […]