Hunter Under Saddle

Hunter Under Saddle Hunter Under Saddle is a discipline all about your horses manners and movement. Horses are evaluated based on their gaits, typically, walk, trot, and canter. The ideal competitor does not have excess or unneeded movement in their gaits and moves smoothly. In the show ring, these horse and rider are given instructions […]

Western Pleasure

Western Pleasure Western Pleasure centers around the skills of the horse and rider. Horses must perform three gaits, the walk, trot, and canter while performing each to the judge’s standard. Many aren’t fully sure how the discipline is judged and believe it to be quite technical. It requires the horse and rider to both move […]


Trail Trail is a discipline based around a horses willingness to please. Horse and rider are given a variety of tasks from opening gates, crossing tarps, and even passing between pool noodles! The navigation of these obstacles is meant to simulate obstacles that may be experienced while out on the trail.  Watch Trail in action! […]

Show Jumping

Show Jumping Show Jumping is a popular discipline and consists of jumping obstacles while timed. The discipline originated from fox hunting and began due to an increase in fences built in England. With this change, horses that could jump fences were more desired and eventually, became competitors. Jumping was originally desired to end with the […]


Reining Reining is a discipline judged on horse performance in the show arena. The event consists of several patterns such as circles, lead changes, and the famous slide. Reining is a discipline open to riders of any level. Today, the National Reining Horse Association leads the way in promoting the discipline.  Watch Reining in action! […]

Pole Bending

Pole Bending Pole Bending is a timed discipline in which horse and rider must weave between a series of poles. It is considered a gymkhana event which is a group of disciplines in which there is a pattern that must be run and are typically timed events. Pole Bending takes plenty of speed and agility […]


Hunter Hunter began as a game for those hunting in Europe while they rode cross country. The discipline has since become more defined and is open to a wide variety of horse breeds and riders of all ages. Hunter is judged based on the horses movement, jumping ability, and overall manners. Jumps used in Hunter […]

Flat Racing

Flat Racing Flat Racing is a famous discipline due to several large flat racing events namely, the Kentucky Derby. Horse racing has been popular all throughout history but modern racing is thought to have begun with Charles II. He hosted races which had some of the first national racing rules. Today, horse racing is widely […]


Eventing Eventing consists of three phases, the Dressage, Cross Country, and Jumping phases. The discipline stems from fox hunting and the military. The discipline was intended to test military horse and rider in their skills and fitness. It became an Olympic sport in 1912 but was only open to military amateur riders. In 1952 women […]


Endurance Endurance is a competition based on well..endurance! The discipline is distance-based and is open to riders from any walk in life. Rides are between 25 and 50 miles in length with the famous Tevis Cup being 100 miles in 24 hours. Horses must pass exams to have completed the course to ensure horses are […]