Driving Driving is believed to come from the chariots used in war. Throughout time driving was used as transportation but lost popularity once transportation technology advanced. In 1970 the FEI created driving as a discipline thanks to Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh. The discipline centers around horse and carriage moving around obstacles at speed. The […]


Dressage Dressage, like many other disciplines, began as a necessity for military battle. It stems from military training of horses to move to avoid attacks from the enemy and move agilely on the battlefield. Horsemanship was key for military battle and dressage is believed to occur as early as 350 BC. In 1912 dressage became […]


Cutting Cutting began as a necessity for ranchers in the 1800’s who needed to sort their cattle. Their most prized horses were those used to separate the cattle, the cutting horse. As the technology for sorting cattle became more modern, the need for cutting horses diminished. The first cutting competition occurred in 1898 in Haskell […]

Cross Country

Cross Country Cross country is its own discipline as well as one of three phases for the Eventing discipline. Cross country is based around horse and rider skill, endurance, and agility. The course is comprised of ditches, various jumps, and other naturally occurring obstacles such as logs. Cross country is a timed event, based on […]

Barrel Racing

Barrel Racing Barrel Racing is a speed-based discipline performed in a clover pattern around three barrels. The discipline began in the 1930’s and was primarily made for women. It was originally judged based on the rider’s outfit and horsemanship while moving through the clover or figure-8 pattern. In 1948 a women’s group formed what was […]