Somatic Mutations

In Eqcetera, horses have a small chance of receiving a somatic mutation. Only bred or foundation bought horses can have somatic mutations. This occurs at an extremely small rate so finding or breeding one is very rare! Currently, not all horse breeds have mutations but all of them will have the possibility by the end […]


Grey Gene Any horse with at least one grey gene (G) will gradually grey throughout its life. Foals at 1 year with the grey gene will have a light ring around the eyes and grey around the muzzle. At age 2 horses will have a grey overlay and have their name change to “Greying + […]

Why Those Colors?

Why Those Colors? Horse coat colors are often debated and generally have a lot of misinformation or incomplete information about them. In Eqcetera, part of the thrill of breeding is breeding for the many beautiful coat colors. Being an online SIM game, assumptions and simplification of horse genetics must be done to ensure players have […]