Historical Info

2020 Fall Forum Event

The results for the 2020 Fall Forum Event are below! Congratulations to our winners. They have won:   Entry posted to the 2020 Fall Event page on the help site. Breeding to a level 50, high PS, 6E, stud/brood of breed of choice with 1 guaranteed gene. Excludes Lp gene for Cobs. 1 of the […]

V3 Important Changes

Bug Reporting Reporting bugs has been streamlined so things may be fixed quicker. Reports are now made to the Bug Box. The bug forum and #bugs channel on Discord have been removed.   Subscriptions We now have subscription tiers! Upgrades will now be on a tiered system with 3 tiers: Bronze, Gold, and Platinum. Prices […]

V3 Art Additions

Below is a summary of some of the newest additions to V3. From companions to quality of life features, we’ve been on a roll! 🐱 Companions Some furry and wild friends have found their way into Eqcetera! It’s companions! Companions are our first “foreground” item that you can equip to horses. At this point in […]

Our Donations

Our Donations When Eqcetera began, we knew we wanted to give back to organizations, causes, and communities that create change in our world. Through our site revenue, we are sometimes able to set aside days dedicated to these causes in order to give donations when they are needed most. We are pleased to be able […]

V3 Gameplay Changes

Note: Some of the below information may have changed due to development. This post is for changes at the launch of V3. Up-to-date information can be located on other pages of this site. 🙂   The day has finally come! Eqcetera has moved to its newest version. We’ve tried to detail here some of the […]