Determining a Path

Determining Your Horses Path There are four aspects about your horse you should consider before deciding their path. These are : Personality Performance stats (PS) Breed standard (BS) Skills There are currently three paths a horse can take in Eqcetera:   Discipline Path Performance Stats + Good Breed Standard = Discipline Horse The discipline path […]


Energy Horses use energy for several daily actions. Energy is used for: Discipline Shows (10% per show) Halter Shows (20% per show) Career Jobs (20% per job) Training (10% for foals, 5% for adults) Breeding (20% per fail & success) Straw/Egg retrieval (20% per success)   Every day horses will have 100% of energy to […]


Careers Each career has an ideal personality associated with it. This ideal is unknown and takes some trial and error to discover. Careers use a calculation that includes: skills, performance stats, and personality. Skills and personality are weighted the most in this calculation with performance stats given the least weight and act as a bonus. […]

Foal Training

Foal Training Foal training begins when a horse is born and is able to be worked on until they age up at 2 years old. Foal training must be complete to enter halter shows early and begin training in performance stats.   Foal Training: Personality and Training Boost Foal training may be done every 3 […]


Personalities Personalities are revealed through foal training and are used in careers. Each horse has 4 personality traits: Gregariousness Predictability Reactivity Sensitivity Within each of these traits there are 3 labels that give you your horse’s specific personality.  For example: Gregariousness has the sub-traits of Loner, Sociable, and Clingy. Each horse will have 1 of […]


Skills Skills are gained by entering your horse into career jobs and halter shows. Each job completed will earn your horse a small % to the completion of the 3 skills used for the career. This means, each career has 3 skills that are ideal for completing the career. As your horse advances through the […]