Quick Start Guide

  Acronyms Acronym Full Name Description EQD Eqcetera Dollars The regular currency in the game EQI Eqcetera Ingots The premium currency in the game purchased with real life money EXP Experience Points You earn these by doing various tasks in the game. They can be used for Estate Upgrades in Construction. RP Reputation Points Reputation […]


Shouts Shouts are displayed at the top of pages and are used as advertisements. Shouts cost $100 to post and are displayed o nthe shout page. Players are limited to 3 shouts at a time. You can delete your own shouts if you wish to post another one. Shouts are not to be spammed.


Events Eqcetera has several events that have occurred from s’mores to chocolates. A list of events and event images are below.   Summer S’mores Challenge Collect marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to build s’mores! The team with the most made is awarded 50 ingots each.   Christmas Holiday Unlock one piece to add to your […]


Subscriptions Eqcetera offers three subscription tiers each with its own benefits to enhance your gameplay. All tiers are monthly subscription-based with the bronze tier being the only option available for ingot purchase. Bronze: Bronze level tier is the same subscription benefits that were available on V2 with an added benefit of access to an exclusive […]


Currency      Eqcetera Dollars (EQD) are used throughout the game and can be earned in many different ways. EQD is used for buying horses, gene testing, rescuing horses, breeding to a stud and the list goes on! By clicking your EQD amount you will be taken to the bank. Here you can view your transaction […]