Halter Shows

Halter Shows Halter Shows & Entering Halter shows are entered from the horse page, breed registry pages, or the Halter Arena on the side bar. Halter shows run once there are 20 entrants and only allow for 10 horses entered to be owned by the same person. Halter shows are categorized by: Breed Star Value […]


Skills Skills are gained by entering your horse into career jobs and halter shows. Each job completed will earn your horse a small % to the completion of the 3 skills used for the career. This means, each career has 3 skills that are ideal for completing the career. As your horse advances through the […]


Scoring Shows are scored based on the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats for the discipline you are showing in. The primary stat used in the discipline counts the most for a show score with secondary and tertiary counting a bit less. Also important for showing, is a horse close to its breed standard. Breed standard […]


Showing Showing is one of the most important aspects of Eqcetera gameplay. Showing is a way to make money, increase horses’ level via points, and player showing experience.  Shows run at 12AM each day.   Player Benefit- Reputation Points & Experience Besides earning money, showing earns reputation points. Reputation points (RP) are earned if your […]