Foal Training

Foal Training Foal training begins when a horse is born and is able to be worked on until they age up at 2 years old. Foal training must be complete to enter halter shows early and begin training in performance stats.   Foal Training: Personality and Training Boost Foal training may be done every 3 […]

Training Arenas & Certifications

Certifications Training arenas have certification requirements to be able to train horses at each discipline level. Training arenas add the ability to train the disciplines specified to them, a list is below. In order to train high-level horses, the discipline must be certified to the horses level or higher. (Ex. Training a Local Dressage level […]


There are many disciplines on Eqcetera which use a variety of stat combos. Below is the list of disciplines and the stats they use. Picking a discipline that suits your horses stats is important. Remember the steps to picking a discipline: Discipline(s) should be picked based on what stats your horse excels in. Below are […]

Training Boost (TB)

Training Boost (TB) Horses gain training boosts (TB) from parents with high show levels. TB increases the maximum amount of PS a horse can earn from a single training. Horses with higher TB will gain PS quicker than those with low TB. TB is calculated by the following: (Mare Level + Stallion Level) / 10 […]

Performance Stats (PS)

Performance Stats Performance Stats (PS) are earned thoroughly weekly training in your horses discipline(s). Horses can be trained 5 times a week with their training resetting 7 days after their last full train. (Ex. I train all 5 trainings on Monday, next Monday I can train again.). In Eqcetera horses can specialize in primary and […]


Introduction Training is an important part of Eqcetera which helps in both breeding and showing. Training increases performance stats (PS) which pass down to a horses offspring, determine show placement, and help move your horse to high show levels.    Many players prefer horses with higher PS and a good show record, both which require […]