Shrouded Mine

Shrouded Mine Players are able to explore the shrouded mine and find ingots, minerals, or cash. There is currently is a total of 7 types of minerals in the mine. Mine minerals may be used to encrust tack. This can be done from the mine page for a cost of 2 ingots per tack piece. […]

Item Catalog

Account Purchases Enter All – 2,500 Ingots Enter all shows available to your horse for the day from their show page. Easy one-click entering! Watch how it is used here. Enter All 2 – 2,500 Ingots The Enter All II Button allows you to enter all eligible horses into a show with one click. Watch […]


World The world pages offers many different shops and services for players to use. Each has a different use. Bank: Deposit and withdrawal money, check your profits and spending and send money to other players. The bank offers interest for money kept in the bank. Rescue:┬áThe rescue is where unwanted horses are sent. These horses […]